Show Synopsis

Curtis Schultz


Episode 01:

While Pugzy and Ruby take their afternoon walk, a meteor crashes into the park. As they sniff out the scene, Pugzy is infused with super strength and poor Ruby finds herself infected with aliens that will stop at nothing to take over the world.


Episode 02:

Ruby invents an enormous hair dryer to cause global warming and flood out the humans on earth. As Pugzy attempts to thwart her plan she discovers her own strength.


Episode 03:

Ruby creates a tornado machine to hold the world for ransom, and if Pugzy wants to stop her she must face her biggest fear, the vacuum.


Episode 04:

Ruby masterminds a formula to make her transform from a miniature pinscher to a doberman pinscher, with powers to match Pugzy. The two dogs go head to head in an epic battle of brawn and whit, where one dog will come out all wet.



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